Being a part if the greatest marathon field in history.

One week on from my debut marathon in Manchester I was back on the start line to do it all again.

All week I’d been debating how I would run this race. Was I capable of going faster than 7 days previous? Should I just aim to sub 3 hours? Should I not set any targets and just see how I feel or should I not even be contemplating a time and worry about finishing at all?

In the end I had decided to set off at ‘PB pace’ and see how long I could last. This pace was the average time per mile that I had ended up with when running 2.48.59 & a pace I knew I would be comfortable with in the early running but only time would tell how long my legs would allow me to keep it up for.


I made it to half way feeling strong, on target and picking people off consistently. Just like in Manchester the crowds were amazing but this was on another level. There was no let up from start to finish and the shear amount of spectators actually made it quite overwhelming in certain sections. I had to concentrate on not getting carried away with the buzz coming from them and sticking to my pace but when the going got tough, and it certainly did, they helped keep me going.

The legs started to go in exactly the same 17.5 mile mark as the week before and from then on the whole race became a families story.

The PB attempt had gone, which was no surprise, I has actually quite pleased and very surprised with how long I’d lasted at the faster pace. It was now all about trying to get to that famous finish line and collecting my medal in as respectable a time as my body would allow but it was the sub 3 hours barrier that was keeping me from walking at many points in those last 6 or so miles.

Finally I reached the mall and the ‘600 meters to go’ sign. I looked at my watch and with a quick bit of maths I knew it was going to be very close one way or another to 3 hours.


I tried with all I had left to muster up my trade mark sprint finish and although I speeded up considerably from the snails pace the last few miles had been it was far from a sprint and proved to be not quite enough as I crossed the line in 3.00.30.

I was slightly disappointed to get so close but looking back on the whole race I honestly couldn’t think of any places where I could have made up any more time and I’d ran at a sensible pace for the first half too so I had to be satisfied.


I felt it was a great achievement in completing back to back marathons in consecutive weekends both in respectable times and I could now tick 2 more things off the bucket list.

I’ll certainly run the London marathon again and I’d also like to pace make in the race too which is something I’ll be looking into.

Time for a weeks rest and a little family holiday!