It may have only been 13 days since I’d ran 56 miles at the Lightning 12 hour race but I’d entered the county champs 800m well in advance and tested my legs with a bit of speed on the track with a 38 second 300m rep followed by decent efforts over 400m and 200m a few days before hand so felt it was worth a crack. I’d also seen the start list and was confident I could keep my unbeaten record in the 800m at the county championships going with a third senior title.

The championships were held at their regular venue of Rockingham Triangle in Corby, the track I must have raced at more than any other and I was a hot sunny day.

We lined up and I knew as long as I ran a sensible race and baring an out of the blue performance from anyone else then the title would be mind once more. As with pretty much every race I have ever ran over this distance I was aiming for a sub 2 minute display but I knew I hadn’t done any specific training for this one so I’d be happy enough to ensure the win.


I set off quite conservatively as I often do but still going myself in the lead so it was just a case of sub staining that and not slowing at any point.

I reached the bell in 61 seconds which is a few seconds down on my regular first lap split but I felt no pressure from behind so just kept going feeling quite relaxed. With 280m to go I started a little push too see if I had a strong finish in my legs to once again break that magical 2 minute barrier but it wasn’t to be on this day and in the end I just sustained my pace to finish in a slower than normal time of 2.03.00


It was still enough for a 2.5 second victory over my club mate and training partner Dave Brooks who was closely followed in third by another club mate, training partner and one of the athletes I coach Pete Currington. It was really nice to get a 1-2-3 for my training group and I was pleased with another county gold medal.