A 5k with a difference

As the name suggests this event involves running 5k but this is far from your average Saturday morning parkrun.

At each kilometre there is a colour zone that runners pass through where you are met with people known as Colour Bandits who shower you with their special 100% safe colour powder, with each zone having a specific colour.


Their events are held in three different venues across the county in Colchester, Norwich and luckily enough for me, my home town of Northampton.

On arrival I collected my official plain white t-shirt to wear for the race (this was a rule so that everyone taking part started as a blank canvas) and managed to get one for my little girl who was also going to run so of the race with me.

The course was a 1k loop around a flat grass field so perfect to do with Maclain as she could come in and out of laps as she chose. Each time a lap was completed we had to run through a different, clearly marked, colour zone where the colour bandits would throw bombs of power paint at us from head to toe.

Maclain did the first, third and fifth laps with me running some and being carried on my shoulders for the rest but she came through the colour zones with me all 5 times. I pushed the second and forth laps quite hard to make it a decent workout.


There was a buzz of excitement on approach to the end of each lap in readiness for the colour zones and I also found that it made each 1k loop whizz by as the thought process that would normally occur during a standard run was eradicated by what had just happened and what was about to come.

This event is the definition of the phrase ‘fun run’. It isn’t timed, there are no prizes for high finishing places and no results published. In fact nobody really takes any notice what-so-ever of who is actually winning which created a good relaxed vibe and made it ideal to run with Maclain. Saying that I still think we managed a top 10 finish from several hundred runners.


Once all 5 laps have been completed and what was once a plain White t-shirt had become a rainbow of colour upon crossing the finish line. (or final colour zone) we were given a plastic cup full of coloured powder paint in readiness for a special touch to bring the event to a great climax known as the colour extravaganza.

All competitor, as well as supporters, are encouraged to gather together and after a countdown are instructed to throw their cups of paint in the air all at the same time creating a beautiful eye catch display and ultimately covering any parts of you that weren’t already a mix of colours.


This event was something very different and very fun. No competitiveness, just all about having a good time while getting a 5k run in at the same time with my amazing little girl. Loved every minute of it.