‘Trying’ to take it easy.

This event fell less that two weeks after Ironman so I had no intentions of racing but I wanted to enter due to the unique consent and the fact that it was local.

It was ran on a 5k lap over an 8 hour period from 10am to 6pm with the option of a straight running route or a selection of fun obstacle stations, all off road around the beautiful Boughton house in Kettering just minutes away from where a work.

After my morning shift I headed over. I had originally planned to run with some of my team mates but due to some changes of plans & a late injury I was on my own for the first few hours until my wife and daughter arrived.


They were due at 12pm so I decided to see how many laps I could fit in before then & to my surprise I was feeling fresh and flying round. I clocked up 5 laps/ 25k with no breaks all on the running route with the plan of doing all the obstacles on the lap with my family.

Just after midday I came off course for the first time and met up with Becky & Maclain before heading back out. We were taking this lap very easy and just having fun. The first obstacle was a huge inflatable slide which is always enjoyable. More inflatables followed before the water zone.

We all balanced our way across the boats and rafts on the deep lake to stay dry. I then had to run back round and go back across as we’d left our camera on the other side.


After a shin deep water wade and a little more running interrupted by an impromptu grass/ hay fight we arrived at one of the more unusual ‘obstacle’ zones I’ve ever experienced. Named the mystery zone and set inside of a marque I’d been unable to see what was involved while passing it on any of my previous laps. The only clue I had was from seeing people emerge looking very unclean.

I was expecting the likes of colour powder and foam which we got. What I wasn’t expecting was tinned spaghetti and beans being thrown by one of the volunteers straight from the can to our faces, hair and clothes.

Now I’m all for getting messy during obstacle course races but I’m not sure that food of any kind should be used as a means of providing said mess. Especially one that leaves you sticky and smelly for the remainder.

A little more orange and flustered we carried on. Next up was a most traditional obstacle course zone with net crawls, walls and monkey bars of which I was especially impressed to see my little girl having a right good go at and my wife completing.


The longest of the running between zones followed with a down then up hill section. We weren’t in any rush but ran most of it before arriving at the obstacle I’d most been looking forwards to, the ‘stunt zone’. It was a climbing wall with a jump from a choice of two heights down onto a huge inflated bag.


Following in her Dad’s footsteps my 7 year old girl chose the higher adults jump rather than the kids one.

We were now nearing the end of the lap with the final zone just a stones throw from the finish line. This one was certainly unique and not the sort of thing you’d expect at an obstacle course race but certainly lived up to the name of a ‘fun’ zone.


It was funfair style games stalls. Pistol shooting, coconut shy, tin can ally, hoopla and test of strength. This was a really great addition for the kids (as well as the adults) to finish on.


We had a little rest back in the event village where there was plenty more fun and games going on before I went off for one more lap on my own. There was still plenty of time but I’d never planned to do the entire duration and was happy with my day’s work.

Lap complete I’d knocked out 35k feeling nice and relaxed throughout. I’d not pushed hard at any stage but this was a good indicator that I had recovered from Ironman well and could begin full training again.


Really enjoyed this event. There was a nice relaxed atmosphere and you could test yourself doing as many laps as you could or just do one and you’d still get your monies worth with all that was on offer.