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Taken from the Parklands Jog and Run website (

Name: Chris Lamb


• How long have you been running/ coaching?

I have been running since the age of 12. I started coaching as soon as I passed the British Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness course in 2012 setting up Parkland Jog and Run almost straight away and since then the group has gone from strength to strength.

• How/ why did u begin running?

As a child my main sport was always football but through playing that I knew I had a pretty good level of running speed and endurance. My first ever middle distance race was an 800m in a PE lesson in middle school aged 12. I won that and the school sports day a few weeks later. I then won the county 1500m in my first ever race on a running track and the town cross county championships later that year against people a full school year older than me. From then on I kept racing and continued to be successful while still playing football too. A few years later I joined the town’s athletics club and am still a member to this day.

• What are your biggest achievements in running?

At under 20 and under 23 age group level I ran the national standard time in the 800m, ranked in the top 20 in the country, made the national final and represented the Midlands in a home international event. As a senior in 2011 I won the Midlands 800m title and in 2014 became the obstacle course race UK championships and represent the UK at the OCR world championships in the USA.

• What’s been your favourite race to date?

Endure 24. A 24 hour trail race in Aldermaston near Reading that I first competed in with a team in 2013, winning the event setting a course record. The next year I went back as a soloist and have returned every year since.

• What’s your favourite training session?

On the track I’ve always enjoyed a pyramid session. Something like 200m/ 300m/ 400m/ 300m/ 200m at race pace or quicker. Since taking up obstacle course racing I like doing the workouts that replicate race day situations by just getting out and running on the wettest, muddiest, hilliest terrain I can find and doing all sorts during the run. Exercises, climbing, carrying objects, crawling etc.

• What are your Personal Bests? (List all distances & best times you’ve achieved)

400m: 50.7, 800m: 1.52.86, 1500m: 3.58.85, 3k: 8.53.23, 5k: 16.09, 10k: 33.45, Half marathon: 75.08, Marathon: 2.46.12, 12 hours: 90k, 24 hours: 85 miles

• What is your fitness/ racing target(s)?

Short term to continue to challenge myself over a whole range of different distances and events and long term to represent England and Great Britain at European and world level competitions in masters athletics.


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